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Texas Public Power Association

Formed in 1978, the Texas Public Power Association (TPPA) represents the interests of public power providers in the state of Texas including municipally owned electric utilities, joint action agencies, and some electric cooperatives. TPPA provides many member resources and benefits, and serves as the industry's voice on public policy matters affecting the public power industry.
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TPPA provides the following services to its members:

Providing a unified voice for the members concerning state and national issues

Offering electric utility education opportunities

Facilitating collaboration among member systems

Advocating on legislative and regulatory issues

Promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences

Operating a resource center for research and technical assistance

MOUs in Texas
10551 MW
MOU Owned Generation
+ 5 M
Texans Served
Miles of Power Lines
9750 MW
MOU Daily Statewide Demand
Public Power Systems = Affordable Rates & Community Value

Public Power Mission

The mission of municipally owned electric utilities is to provide value to communities through local ownership. This value premise makes public power systems fundamentally different from all other electric utilities.

TPPA Board of Directors

TPPA is governed by a twenty-member Board of Directors, diverse in geography as well as size of electric utilities. The Board of Directors has an Executive Committee, which is composed of the current president, president-elect, vice-president, secretary/treasurer, and immediate past-president. The board members serve staggered three-year terms. The Association maintains offices in Austin and is managed by a two-person professional staff.

Executive Committee


Mike Wittler, P.E.

Kerrville Public Utility Board

Bryan Woods

City of College Station
Vice President

Rudy Garza

CPS Energy
Secretary/ Treasurer

Darrell Cline

Garland Power & Light
Past President

Alicia Hooks


Board Members

  • Matt Bentke, General Manager & CEO, Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative
  • Daniel Bethapudi, General Manager, Georgetown Utility System
  • Hon. Gaylynn Burris, Mayor, City of Bowie
  • Jeff Davis, Brownfield City Manager and Chairman, WTMPA
  • Marilyn Gilbert, General Manager & CEO, Brownsville PUB
  • Tyler Hjorth, Director of Utilities, San Marcos
  • James Hotopp, City Manager, City of Weatherford
  • Joel Ivy, General Manager, Lubbock Power and Light
  • Bob Kahn, General Manager, Austin Energy
  • Ryan Kelso, Interim General Manager, New Braunfels Utilities
  • Daniel Meadows, General Manager, TMPA
  • Steve Parker, City Manager, City of Seguin
  • Tony Puente, General Manager, Denton
  • Roland Ramos, Superintendent of Utilities, Robstown
  • Kean Register, City Manager, City of Bryan
  • Ben Thatcher, City Manager, Boerne
Engineering & Operations Committee
  • Chair: Gary Miller, General Manager, Bryan Texas Utilities
Environmental Committee
  • Co-Chair: Patti Hershey, Vice-President, Environmental Services and Environmental Law, LCRA
  • Co-Chair: Mike Hoffman, Environmental Services Manager, Austin Energy
Government Relations & Legal Committee
  • Chair: Kathy Garcia, Vice President, Government Relations, Regulatory Affairs & Public Policy, CPS Energy
  • Vice Chair: Tammy Cooper, Deputy General Manager of Regulatory, Communications, Compliance and Legal Services, Austin Energy
Marketing & Customer Service Committee
  • Chair: Matt Rose, Public Affairs & Government Relations Manager, Lubbock Power & Light
  • Vice Chair: Meagan Brown, Public Information Officer, Bryan Texas Utilities
Shelly Botkin


Taylor C. Kilroy


Governance & Transparency

By making full and accurate information about its mission, activities, and finances publicly available, an association demonstrates transparency. These documents are available upon request: organizing/governing documents, conflict of interest policy, antitrust policy, budget, financial statements, and most recent IRS 990 form. Please contact Shelly Botkin at sbotkin@tppa.com or (512) 472-5965 if you would like to request any of these documents.